20180103 181347No two weddings are the same. Sometimes there’s a call for different kinds of music as the day progresses. There are usually requests, like a special song at the ceremony as the bride walks down the aisle or as the register is signed. Maybe the best man wants to sing something. How about a jazz quartet during the pre-reception mingling? Or solo guitar playing dinner music through the evening meal? Almost always, a first dance song chosen by the couple is played, followed by a big party at the end with everyone dancing. Weddings are a major life event and music is a huge part of the festivities.

With over 20 years of experience in playing for weddings, I still love it. It’s a day when families get together, people are happy, and celebration is in the air. Wedding music is my specialty, I’ve played at literally scores of weddings, from Queenstown to the Far North, each one different and all of them special.

I can arrange the music for your wedding, according to what you would like and within a reasonable budget. I can also talk to you about how to make your entertainment dollar go further and about some mistakes that many couples make with planning their wedding entertainment.

Talk to me about how we can make the music perfect for your wedding !